Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  How much does it cost? 
A:  At Oasis Acupuncture you are charged a flat fee of $70 per office visit for acupuncture.  Unlike many practitioners, this includes the first visit, which is typically 90 minutes.  This price includes all services, consultations, assessments, diagnosis, and treatment modalities (except herbs or other products).  There are no hidden charges, padded fees and no surprises with your bill.  

Q:  What are your hours? 
A:  We are open by appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Q:  How much are your custom herbal extracts?
A:  A 1 oz bottle of custom extract formula costs $17.95.  This is a highly concentrated form of herbs and will typically last about 1 week.  A 2 oz bottle is $32.95 and a 4 oz bottle is $64.95.  I prefer to keep the custom formulations as 1 to 2 week doses so I can keep the formulation current with your condition as it changes.  

Q:  What is so special about Kan Herbal extracts?
A:  Kan Herbs are processed in the United States under the strictest standards.  After a great deal of research to determine the safest, highest quality and most convenient way to prescribe Chinese herbs, Kan Herbal extracts stood alone in the market for Chinese Herbs. You may find cheaper herbal solutions, but you won't find a faster acting, more potent or more convenient brand of Chinese Herbs anywhere.  

Q:  Do you take insurance?
A:  Oasis Acupuncture is a fee for service clinic.  A Superbill or a CMS1500 form can be provided for you to get reimbursed through your insurance company if your insurance does cover acupuncture.  However, Oasis Acupuncture does not process insurance claims. 

Q:  How long is a visit? 
A:  The first visit is typically an hour and a half depending on your needs and the condition you want treated.  Call 480-370-3127 to receive a new patient welcome package including the intake forms before hand, or download the forms by clicking here to avoid taking the time to fill them out on your first visit.  Subsequent visits are typically about an hour or can be as short as 30 minutes depending on your condition. 

Q:  How do I get to Oasis Acupuncture? 
A:  Oasis Acupuncture is located in Tempe Arizona just East of Rural Road off of Broadway.  Click here for a map.  

Q:  Do you treat children? 
A:  Yes, Oasis acupuncture is a family practice.  Children typically respond much more quickly to acupuncture than adults.  For young children, acupressure, Tui Na (massage), or laser acupuncture is most often used.  I have experience treating children as young as 4 years of age.   

Q:  How many treatments will it take to see results? 
A:  Acute conditions typically respond more quickly, sometimes being completely resolved in a single treatment.  Chronic conditions will likely take longer, sometimes taking weeks or months to get substantial results.  My treatment philosophy is to support you in achieving your own health goals as quickly as possible.  Since I believe that our bodies can heal themselves if given a chance, I do not believe in creating a co-dependant relationship with patients where treatments are needed for extended periods of time.  During your initial consultation I will explain to you how many treatments will likely be required for your particular condition . 

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